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Financing Available

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“EazyLocks & Building Supplies is ready to get the job done wherever, whenever, however, you need it, no matter how big or small.”

To set new standards of ethics and excellence in delivering to our customers superior quality and value-for-money residential and commercial spaces by employing a team of highly motivated and focused professionals.

Home & Office Improvement Products & Services in The Rockaways!

EazyLocks & Building Supplies was started 15 years ago as a family business to help other families make the place they call home & work, comfortable, safe and attractive. Today we continue to pursue that same goal with even more vigor and intensity. Our passion is in making our valued customers feel right at home when they visit our store, call on the phone or even visit our website. We promise to beat the competition with our highly trained staff of representatives, tradesmen, Locksmiths, Plumbers, Electricians and Builders. Whether, it is in the speed of our response, our knowledge, prices, courtesy, caring and understanding of your needs. In addition, we have now decided to go the extra, extra mile. We are providing 24/7, 365 emergency services On Demand for all your inconvenient issues that choose the wrong time to develop. Now you can truly rest assured that whatever problems develop, whenever and wherever, they develop, we will be there with the solution.

Professional Home & Office Repair Services

From minor plumbing problems to building your next dream home, we do it all!

24/7 Services

If you are in emergency situation, do not worry. We provide 24/7 service. Whenever you call!

Affordable Price

We pride our self in meeting every promise and one of our main goal is beating the competition in everything we do and getting you the best price is one of our top priorities.

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